Big Bee​

Big Bee​

Big Bee​

Now Introducing: BIG BEE!

Experience one of the biggest thrills of the night as, before your very eyes, you witness an event like never before. One that will transform your night. And, for the little ones? Their lives. It has been the secret dream of many since a young to witness technology like never before. Something beyond the everyday cellphones and laptops. And to be able to see this breathtaking event in person? Everyone, prepare to take a seat or get knocked off your feet for the World’s Infamous Big Bee!

A Real-Life Transforming Robot?!

Yes, you’ve been reading this right! Children will love the fact that they get to be able to witness an actual transforming machine. Even adults that are kids at heart will love this. Especially if you love the Transformers movies. Or if you know any of your friends that do. After all, kids aren’t the only ones that will get a kick out of this event!

What’s Included in the Event?

A few things that are going to be included in this special event would be a parameter of 30 X 30-foot area of space. This is for Big Bee to be able to safely transform. And for this specific show, you will be able to witness a full-on LED light show with a super sound system to give you and your loved ones a futuristic experience. And just watch in amazement as Big Bee transforms from an actual car to a real live Robot.

Opening April 28th at Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas!