Max Power

Max Power

Max Power

Everyone Loves Superheroes!

Now introducing Max Power. A robot that’s fearless and always brings on fun for children of all ages. Everyone loves his charm, his cunningness, and his awesomeness that keeps guests coming again and again.

Now Introducing: Max Power!

Who doesn’t love superheroes? Someone that is brave and helps save the day, one day at a time, and reminds us that inside each one of us, we can be superheroes too.

Capture the Moments

So be sure to bring your children along to see Max Powers. And be sure to capture plenty of moments by spending this quality time with the kids. Or take photos with your partner as your traverse throughout the park and hang out with Max Powers for a night. Or two. He’s always happy to be around to hang out with you.

Opening April 28th at Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas!