Pirate Show​

Pirate Show​

Pirate Show​

A Show You Need to See to Believe!

Kids & Adults alike lose themselves in a fantastic world of fearless Pirate Action, Adventure and Thrills. Featuring the world renowned “Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean, this unforgettable show is filled with flips, jumps, acrobatics and two fearless “pirates” suspended high above on a “high wire” battling it out for the crown. 

Follow A Young Boy’s Dreams

Everything opens with a young boy that has always dreamed of being a pirate. And facing off his obstacles and following his dreams. After being told a bedtime story, he becomes what he dreams of, and an entire show comes to life before your very eyes.

Acts of Unbelievable Performance

So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and witness the show of a lifetime. Where stories come to life. These actors love performing tricks that you need to SEE to BELIEVE. And we promise that you’ll be on the edge of your seats by the time the show’s finale ends. Because there’s a special performance that, chances are, you won’t ever have heard of before.

Opening April 28th at Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas!