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Carnival at Imaginarium

Carnival at Imaginarium

Several changes have been made to the carnival. Including new additions that are sure to bring some fun for the whole family. For this year, there are several attractions that guests will be introduced to. These attractions include but are not limited to new fantasy creatures and fantasy forests so be sure to check out these latest immersive interactive events.

There are 12 new fantasy creatures, each with their own names, personalities, and roles that they play within the Fantasy Forest. Immersive, interactive games, known as the Land of Astara Realm of 5 Worlds is included in an addition to all the other wonderful events such as the Entertainment Performance.

There’re more fantastic changes that are arriving with this year’s event. But of course, there are familiar events too, such as meeting and greeting your favorite characters. Or walking through our beautiful Rose Garden. And although these aren’t the type of roses, you’d stop by to smell,they are quite mesmerizing. And worth the price of the ticket!

Cal Expo, Sacramento Open Nov 18-Jan 2